Sputtering Targets

Manufacturing Sputtering Targets and Custom Alloys

MSE Supplies' extensive portfolio of advanced materials are uniquely suited to meet the requirements of today's most challenging applications and innovations. We offer various advanced materials including sputtering targets, battery materials and nano materials for battery research and development, semiconductors, biosensors, etc.

Sputtering Targets

Custom-Made Sputtering Targets for sale by MSE Supplies

MSE Supplies is a leading Sputtering Targets supplier.

  • For product quotation and Sputtering Target pricing information, please email: sales@msesupplies.com
  • Sputtering targets with customized chemistry, geometry and dimensions can be made upon request. Please contact us for a quote. Typical lead time for custom made sputtering targets is one month.
  • Sputtering targets for sale are available for use on Kurt Lesker, AJA International and other sputter systems and sputtering machines.
  • For Indium target bonding to copper backing plate
  • Please keep in mind that MSE Supplies has advanced knowledge in the following sputtering target disciplines/accessories: high purity metal sputtering targets, gold sputtering targets, platinum sputtering targets, ito sputtering targets, silver sputtering targets, sputtering target materials, titanium sputtering targets, iridium sputtering targets, tantalum sputtering targets, ito targets, sputtering targets for semiconductor fabrication.

Wafer Carrier Cases, Membrane Boxes, Sticky Gel Boxes

Shop high quality cleanroom class 100 grade single wafer carrier cases from MSE Supplies. Polypropylene (PP) material. Available from 1" to 6" diameter sizes.

Evaporation Materials

  • MSE Supplies offers a wide selection of high-quality evaporation materials and crucibles in a full range of purity and dimensions for thin film coatings. These materials are suitable for all commercial evaporation systems, whether your requirements are for thermal evaporation or electron beam deposition system.
  • We provide pure metals (precious / non-precious), metal oxide (eg. Al2O3, WO3, ZnO), metal fluoride (eg. MgF2, CaF2, YF3) and other evaporation materials. These materials are typically available in bulk forms like pellet, granules, shot and slug. We can customize the evaporation materials in dimensions, composition, and purity upon request.
  • In addition to evaporation materials, MSE Supplies provide a variety of crucibles for thermal and E-beam depositions. We have a variety of crucibles made of Graphite, Aluminum Oxide, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Tantalum, Platinum, Boron Nitride and so on. The crucible dimensions can be customized upon request.

Graphene and Graphene Oxide

  • MSE Supplies is a US-based supplier of high quality graphene powders, graphene films (mono-layer or multi-layer graphene) and monolayer graphene oxide products (dry powder or dispersion in water) to both research labs and industry customers. Our customers include leading research institutions and technology companies worldwide.
  • MSE Supplies guarantees the high quality and best price on the market for our graphene products for graphene oxide battery. When you buy graphene oxide products from MSE Supplies, you will save ~50% or more compared to prices listed by other re-sellers such as Sigma-Aldrich.

Single Crystals, Wafers and Substrates

  • MSE Supplies provides both standard and customized high quality single crystals, wafers and substrates for a wide range of applications such as LED, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, electro-optical, photonics, high power electronics, and high frequency power devices, just to name a few. Customized crystal growth, precision machining and coating services are available. Please contact us today to discuss your project requirements.
  • By working with MSE Supplies, you can get customized substrates, single crystals, and wafers to meet your specific requirements. Even for customized products, you will still appreciate the short lead time and favorable prices from MSE Supplies when compared to most other crystals and substrates suppliers. This is why research institutions and technology companies around the world have switched from other suppliers to MSE Supplies when they have needs for crystals, wafers and substrates.

Powder Processing

Powder Processing with Milling Media

  • At MSE Supplies, we are experts at powder processing materials, ball milling equipment, planetary milling jars, roller milling jars, powder processing materials, and pellet pressing dies. When it comes to grinding media, our most popular materials include zirconia and alumina. You’ll also find materials including tungsten carbide, stainless steel and agate. Grinding balls, otherwise known as milling media are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from kg to tons in measurement. For more reading on the application of milling media, written by a trusted MSE Supplies technical staff, please read our article here.
  • Our products are sold with the MSE PRO brand owned by MSE Supplies.
  • Planetary Mill Machinery and Equipment, Mill Jars
  • Roller Mill Machinery and Equipment, Roller Jars